Friday, February 5, 2010

Cheetos Cause Cancer Do Flaming Hot Cheetos Cause Cancer Or Some Various Illness/disease Over Time?

Do Flaming Hot Cheetos cause cancer or some various illness/disease over time? - cheetos cause cancer

I heard rumors of several Flaming Hot Cheetos affect your health long term, the red food coloring into consideration. No, I mean junk food in general, but specifically Flaming Hot Cheetos. All the information?

PS I agree with the Flaming Hot Cheetos so obsessed ...


CBrez said...

Well, if you eat enough Cheetos, regardless of the variety that do not receive adequate nutrition and eating too many calories, so that obese and susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, cause, etc. So in that sense Flaming Hot Cheetos disease.

However, there is nothing special in the dye is harmful, except in general damages. All the colors of the food is approved by the FDA for human consumption, which means that we will approve at least know that they are safe, even if your FHC love!

But check out this link to information on food safety and nutrition Cheetos.

silent but deadly!!! said...

Well, I'm still alive, I know, I live for.

Lina1995... said...

I once heard that it causes cancer in rats, but idk no more

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